Carbide Tools Mfg. Inc.

Established: 1992

Location:  Menomonee Falls, WI

Products: Special Carbide Round Tools, Drills, Reamers, End Mills, Port Tools

Carbide Tools Manufacturing, Inc. is an 9001:2015 ISO registered company committed to providing high quality special carbide round tools with exceptional customer service.  Our quality tooling is a result of our dedicated team of engineers, designers and leadership.  As a small business in the cutting tool industry, we are committed to making a big difference for our customers. With our growing FLASH 72 program we are able to manufacture single and two step carbide drills, form tools, end mills, and reamers and get them shipped in 72 hours.

FLASH 72 Program

What is Flash 72?
Flash 72 is an expedited rapid delivery service where tools are shipped within 72 business hours.

Our Flash 72 program is available for select tooling in select sizes. We currently offer single and two step carbide drills, form tools, end mills, and reamers with or without coating within a variety of parameters. Tell us your tooling specifications through our online form or fax and you will get a quote within two business hours. Once you have confirmed your order, we ship your tools within 72 business hours.

To meet customer demand for fast tooling, we are looking to expand our Flash 72 tool offerings in the future. Check our website often as the Flash 72 program looks to expand into more tool options as well as more coating options.

Visit  or call 262-251-0099 for more information.


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